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We envision a future where every Ghanaian child has the opportunity to explore robotics and apply it to real-world scenarios.


Robotics Competition

Elevate the STEM landscape in Ghana by organizing a prestigious yearly robotics competition, fostering innovation, and providing a platform for aspiring engineers and technologists.


STEAM Training

Deliver bespoke STEAM training programs tailored for both educational institutions and organizations, offering comprehensive learning experiences that integrate science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics to cultivate multifaceted skills.


Robotics/ STEAM KITS

Facilitate STEM education with our locally crafted, accessible robotics kits. These educational materials are designed to streamline the acquisition of STEM skills, promoting hands-on learning and enhancing the accessibility of robotics education in various learning environments.

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What We Offer

At Firefly IO, we believe in a dynamic approach to revolutionizing education. Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional learning is reflected in the way we operate:


Innovative Training

We provide a wide range of training programs, workshops, and webinars covering topics such as robotics (including Lego Mindstorm Ev3), IoT, Arduino, Rev, 3D modeling and printing, electronics, artificial intelligence, leadership, and self-discovery. Our focus is on hands-on learning and fostering creativity.


Organizers of the Ghana Robotics Competition (GRC)

We take pride in being the driving force behind the Ghana Robotics Competition (GRC). This flagship event showcases the creativity and technical prowess of Ghanaian youth, fostering a spirit of competition and learning.


Pan-African Robotics Competition Coordination

Firefly IO serves as the country coordinator for the Pan-African Robotics Competition. This role allows us to connect Ghana with the broader African robotics community, promoting collaboration, and showcasing our talent on the continental stage.


Empowering Youth

Our ultimate goal is to empower Ghanaian youth with the skills, knowledge, and confidence they need to thrive in a technology-driven future. We provide locally-made robotics materials and training to ensure that young individuals are prepared for revolutionary technology-related careers.

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