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A future where every Ghanaian child has the opportunity to explore robotics and apply it to real-world scenarios - that is our vision, and our employees are part of this story.

We would like to think our workers as a part of our family , hence we treat them with the accorded respect and professionalism as much as we can. This means we get our employees to be open and vison-driven. 

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We provide unique opportunities to anyone who is willing to be part of the team.

Flexible Working Hours

Our schedules are flexible for

Adventurous Trips

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Competitive Compensation

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Questions Asked

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit the details page for the job opening and scroll to to the bottom to submit your CV and answer a few questions. These questions, when answered accurately gives you an added advantage so we ask that you submit only valid credentials.

Some positions might require you to undergo additional training, however that will be communicated 

Most of the centers we work with are outside Accra and therefore there are times you will need to travel. However we will let you know if it is compulsory or not. 

All trips are paid by us, however there are terms and conditions that apply and we will clearly state them.

Currently all trips and within Ghana and none requires passport, however if there is a need to have one we will let you know.